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Updated Oct 4, 2019

Want updates on new babies before we put them on this page? Just send an email with ADD ME PLEASE as the subject to


We'll keep you updated. :)

PLEASE NOTE: The colors mentioned in the description are the colors we paint on their little rear ends to easily tell them apart, not the color of the actual hedgehog. We had someone a bit upset that the baby they picked out wasn't actually blue. So...color of spot on adorable rear end of hedgehog, not color of actual hedgehog. :)

Dolly and Pasty are girls we held back for breeding. Since they both just had birthdays they are too old now. They have never been bred, and there is nothing wrong with them, we just didn't come up with a male that would be a good genetic match, so we want them to spend the rest of their lives as pets. Both of them are sassy and have a bit of a diva attitude, but they will warm up to you. :)

Dolly - $112

Patsy - $112

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A $25 deposit will hold a hedgehog for you. The $25 will be deducted from the total due when you pick them up. We take credit cards, debit cards, and checks, and if you want to pay with cash we'll give you a 10% discount. :)

Sorry, folks! None of the following babies are available. We just leave these pictures up because they were a gorgeous litter, and they give you something adorable to look at when we don't have any hedgehogs available.

Annalisse is an excellent mommy, and these are some pretty, pretty little girls! Two very white snowflakes, and two little white (well, one is almost all white) with black eyes.

Isn't mom pretty, too? Kudos to mommy for bringing up a healthy, happy, gorgeous litter!

And while we're here...some answers to frequently asked questions!

Q: Where are you located?

A: St Peters, MO, which is about 30 minutes west of St Louis.

Q: Why haven't you put any new babies on this website in a while?

A: Because they keep getting snapped up by people on the mailing list before we have a chance! If you're interested in a baby, please sign up! :)

Q: Why do you have a hole in the background cloth in your photographs?


Because I wasn't paying close attention during a group shot.

Q: What is the strange attraction hedgehogs have to tubes?


I don't think hedgehogs do it on purpose. I believe there is a strange suction created when a tube is placed in a

hedgie cage. Watch closely as this little girl fights, tries to resist, but to no avail. Her head is sucked right into

that tube. Pink tubes seem to have more suction power than other colors. :)

Q: Is it true that some hedgehogs will try to do EVERYTHING with a tube on their heads?


Yes. :)

Q: Why do hedgehogs anoint?

A: I have no idea. I ask every one of them, and none of them have answered. At least not an answer I can repeat.

Theories range from they smell something good, and want to spread the joy, to they smell something bad, and

want to spread it on their quills to make them more deadly. Whatever their reason, it is a strong instinct that

starts at a very young age. Watch as this baby hedgehog, just a few days old, decides that fingertips are FABULOUS,

and he must chew and lick and chew and lick and chew and...then he carefully turns around to get the

right camera angle (I shall name him Ham) and anoints. :)


Q: Do hedgehogs really like bugs?

A: Every hedgehog I've asked this question has answered:

Then run off to find a bug. :)

Please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to tell you anything you want to know about our hedgehogs.


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