A couple of movies and some pictures of.....*drumroll*......ROSIE!

We kept Rosie for ourselves because she was a beautiful baby with a wonderful temperment, and we hoped she would make babies just like her. :) She never had a litter, however, even tho she was given a choice of mates. No babies, but she sure did take advantage of being free fed when we thought she was pregnant...she is HUGE! She is...hold on to your hats folks...over 7 POUNDS! She was more than that not long ago, but she's been on a diet and can now curl up in a nice ball, instead of trying really hard while we tickle her tummy. She has more to lose, but she is well on her way and an active girl, so she should reach ideal weight soon. Even then...she's going to be a HUGE hedgie! She's very friendly and will make a great pet, but her forever home will have to keep a good eye on her diet and exercise to keep her healthy!

Born on 3/19/08. These pictures were taken on 5/26.

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